A Toast to a Talk-Show Host - A Parody by Dale Lutes. Illustrations by  Mike J. Goldstein

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Top-10 Reasons to buy this fun book and give it a look:

10. You have to admit, it is full of Dave's wit.

9. What’s a parody anyway?

8. Discover if David Better-man had a secret career as a Letter-man.

7. Read it today and live longer to play. Laughter lengthens lives.

6. Finally, a children’s book for adults. Permission to be silly.

5. Smile for awhile. It’s the best anti-aging pill on the market.
(But please don’t swallow the pages—just read them).

4. Absolutely no refunds so it is yours forever.
(See fine print below)

3. Read the funniest joke that came out of the legendary talk-show host’s mouth.
Whoops, lost that train of thought with writer’s block—remember, no refunds,
not even for blank pages or blank thoughts.

2. Are world wide pants the latest fashion craze or the name of a company?
(Hint: Why would anyone name a company after a pair of pants?)

1. Show an attitude of gratitude for a TV host with the most.

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Terms & Conditions of Purchase:
Returns: “You’ll be in trouble, because we’ll charge you double”.
Plus $1000 shipping & handling from World Wide Publishing Company, Inc.
Legal Advice from “No Use Arguing with Writer’s so Abstruse Firm”
— Just keep the book!

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